Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your stone is sold by the yard and some is sold by the ton; do I have to buy a whole yard or ton?

No, you can purchase as much or as little product as you need. We have loader buckets in sizes ranging from 1/4 yard to 3 yards for loading smaller quantities as well as a certified truck scale for those items that are sold by weight. Please note that we do have a $15.00 minimum sale per trip for any bulk material loaded from our yard.

How do I figure out how much stone/mulch/soil I need?

The best place to start is to take accurate measurements of the area you wish to fill. For irregular shaped areas, simply find the average length and width. Also, decide how thick you want to apply the product. For mulch, it is recommended to apply 3"-4" for a first-time application, and 1"-2" to top off already-mulched beds. For stone, thickness will depend on the size of the stone. For smaller stones up to 2" in size, a thickness of 2"-3" is sufficient. For larger stone, the depth will need to be increased to provide adequate coverage. From here, the staff at Green Rock can help figure approximate square footage based on your measurements and convert that into either cubic yards or tons. 

Is your color-enhanced mulch safe for kids and pets?

Our mulch is colored using non-toxic dyes and is absolutely safe for your family. In addition, we do not use any pallets in the production of our mulch.

Is your mulch treated for insects?

Our mulch is not treated with any type of chemical insect repellants; however certain types of mulch may be more naturally resistant to infestation. In general, insects that feed on wood usually don't bother with a bark mulch such as our Hardwood Bark. Some evidence also suggests that cedar mulch is more naturally insect-resistant.

I need two different products; do I have to pay for two separate deliveries?

We have a split-dump option available that allows us to deliver two products on one dump truck, saving you money on delivery cost. Please call to inquire about availability and rates for this service.