Terms and Conditions

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Current price will be charged at time of purchase. A $30.00 minimum sale will apply to any bulk material loaded by our staff onto your truck or trailer. Units of measure for our products vary; please see an associate for assistance in determining the quantity of material your project will require. We are happy to help figure approximate quantities but are not responsible for errors or omissions. All stone contains dust, fines, and dirt due to the crushing and quarrying process. Product in bins, bulk piles and on pallets may vary slightly in size, color, and appearance from samples and/or pictures due to dust, dirt, and routine supplier fluctuations. We strongly recommend inspecting product closely in person prior to purchasing. Michigan Sales Tax will apply to all sales unless purchaser completes a tax-exemption form. Customer is responsible for tarping and securing all loads in accordance with MI Compiled Statutes Article 257.720. Green Rock Landscape Supply and its employees are not responsible for damage to vehicle or equipment during or after loading or for over-loading at the customer’s request.

Limited return policy within 30 days of purchase:

BULK ITEMS ARE NON-RETURNABLE. Any product that is used, dirty, wet, open, dated, special order, un-banded or out of original packaging is not returnable. Returnable items may incur a 25% restocking fee at manager’s discretion. All claims and returns must be accompanied by receipt.

Delivery Terms and Conditions:

When bulk materials are to be delivered to places other than on paved streets, the purchaser agrees to provide roadways or approaches permitting access of trucks to point of delivery under their own power. If the purchaser orders deliveries beyond the curb line, the purchaser assumes all liability for damage to sidewalks, driveways, trees, irrigation systems and any other property and agrees to indemnify the seller against all liability, loss and expense incurred as a result of such delivery, including damage to the seller’s equipment and loss of time.